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Alheira sausage starter plating

A gastronomic journey through the flavors of Lisbon

A secular city that thrives on the fusion of cultures that are so distant and yet so close

In the past, the city of Lisbon was the starting point for an exciting discovery of territories, cultures, people and ingredients. These journeys of the Portuguese around the world led to the exchange of techniques, knowledge and gastronomic recipes that today serve as inspiration for our menu. 

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Let yourself be lost in our menu…

Our menu offers a gastronomic journey through the different flavors of Lisbon

In a relaxed way, we present some of the classics of oriental cuisine, fused with the best of Portuguese tradition, in a cuisine rich in flavors, spices and sensations. To accompany it, we offer a selection of wines from Portuguese producers and a menu of original cocktails.

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Bread and Daily Appetizer 6

Bread selection from Gleba® with daily snacks

VEGETABLE SAMOSAS 9 vegetariano picante ligeiro

With yoghurt and mint emulsion, tamarind chutney and kashmiri

Goat Cheese Mille-feuille 10 vegetariano

Goat cheese parfait with caramelized pumpkin, walnuts with celery and spice chutney

Alheira Sausage Medallion 8 picante ligeiro

Smoked sausage, soft-boiled egg, blackberries and spices reduction, and garlic butter spinach

Garlic Prawns 12 picante ligeiro

Sautéed prawns, garlic-infused béarnaise sauce, chili, cilantro and toasted brioche

Chicken Wings 9 picante ligeiro

Triple-fried, korean barbecue sauce, crispy fried onion with garlic and sesame emulsion

Tuna and Quinoa Poke 10

Tuna tartare with ponzu vinaigrette, quinoa salad with tumeric, avocado mousse, sesame seeds, dates, cashew and crispy papadum

Smoked Pork Golgappas 9 picante ligeiro baixa temperatura

Slow-cooked pork, galangal, mango chutney, azorian cheese, chili, Saigon sauce and garlic mayonnaise

Crispy Kataif Shrimp 9

With Madras curry emulsion and basil, bell peppers salad and fresh coriander


Sliced sirloin, soy, mustard, homemade pickles, toasted sesame and root vegetable chips


Golden Crusted Codfish 19

Pangrattato with spices, garlic textures, roasted potatoes, caramelized cauliflower, and Lagareiro sauce

Octopus 24 baixa temperatura

Caramelized in noisette, roasted potatoes, turnip greens gel, confit tomato, fried onion, lemongrass and spice hollandaise sauce

Shrimp Curry 19 picante ligeiro

Our curry, green mango, toasted coconut, tamarind, green apple, cilantro and basmati rice with sliced almonds

Tuna Wellington 23

Mushroom and wasabi duxelle, nori seaweed, truffled potato purée, arugula and toasted hazelnut

Chicken Breast with our Curry 18 picante ligeiro

Chicken breast wrapped in turkey bacon, green mango, almonds, coconut, and basmati rice with chives

Lamb shank 27 picante ligeiro baixa temperatura

With ras el hanout, togarashi, roasted pumpkin and orange mousseline, toasted pumpkin seeds and Port wine sauce


Creamy rice, roasted duck breast, smoked sausages, wafu sauce and orange chutney

The Tofu Curry 16 vegetariano picante

Marinated tofu steak, sweet potato curry, sautéed vegetables, mango, green apple, coconut and almond rice

Pumpkin Tournedos 17 vegetariano

With citrus teriyaki, butternut squash purée, shimeji, enoki, eryngii mushrooms, and toasted pumpkin seeds


Duck Confit 12 picante ligeiro

Lettuce, orange and honey vinaigrette, cucumber, chili, dates and sesame

Tuna and Quinoa 12

Braised tuna, lettuce, avocado, cashew nuts, ponzu vinaigrette and sesame

Crispy Chicken 11

Lettuce, ranch, aged cheese, bacon, corn, avocado, nuts, and barbecue sauce


Pulled Pork 11

Toasted brioche, coleslaw, ranch, spices, mango chutney, homemade pickles, carrot and apple

Falafel 10 picante ligeiro

Brown bread, tomato and spice relish, lettuce, spinach, arugula, and raita sauce

Crispy Fried Chicken 10

Brown bread, Thousand Island sauce, crispy onion, bacon, bok choy, corn and barbecue sauce



Chocolate Tart 7

With red berries, cookie crumble, and meringue tile

Dark Chocolate Marquise 7 vegetariano

Vegan Tofu Marquise, raspberries, blackberries, with raspberry and lime sorbet

Lime and Matcha Tart 7

Lime and lemon tart with matcha, merengue ice cream and green apple

14-LAYER BEBINCA 7 picante ligeiro

With ginger and cardamom ice cream, coconut textures, and chili crumble

Garlic prawn starter
Lamb shank main course
Caramelised octopus main course
Chocolate dessert in the garden
Vegan chocolate dessert

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